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20 Jun, 1983
After production ended on the long-running \"Little House on the Prairie\" series, three made-for-TV movies helped wrap up the series. The first of these, \"Look Back to Yesterday,\" depicts Albert\'s heroic battle with an ultimately fatal illness. Albert interviews at the University of Minnesota, where he plans to study medicine. Albert (unbeknownst to anyone else) suffers from unexplained nosebleeds and is always tired. His family later finds out about the nosebleeds, and a physician from Mankato informs Charles the symptoms point to a deadly form of leukemia, and that Albert has a short time to live. Albert adamantly states his wishes to live out what may be his final days in Walnut Grove; he falls in love with childhood friend Michelle Pierson (who also plans to attend the University of Minnesota to study education) and spends many of his hours with his beloved sister, Laura. Laura, however, is in denial that her brother will soon die, and wants her equally-beloved brother to rest. ...